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Abiding Love Lutheran Children's Center is a ministry of Abiding Love Lutheran Church. 
It was established in 1986 to care for young children in a way that tells them and their family the story of God's Love through Jesus Christ.  

We are a faith-based, play-based, child-centered program providing a developmentally appropriate experience for children in our Center. Our low student-to-teacher ratio is vital to understanding students' strengths, needs, and interest.

Our Philosophy and Curriculum


Our goal is to weave faith into all areas of development, giving us a whole child approach.  We pray, sing songs, hear Bible stories and use real objects to interact with the stories.  At this young age, faith is a practical expression of feeling safe, loving one another, helping each other and treating each other with respect.  We want children at our Center to know that God loves and so do we. 

Emergent Curriculum

Following the example of masters educators like Reggio Emilia, Abiding Love Children's Center uses the emergent curriculum model. Also referred to as "child center" curriculum, emergent curriculum describes a process where the teachers observe children at play and create their curriculums depending on the children's interests. This gives opportunities to explore physical movement, literacy, mathematical concepts, social problem solving and much more.

Nature and Loose Parts Play

We love the outdoors and are not afraid to get into the mud or play in the rain. Loose Parts Play is described as the activity of children manipulating and using open-ended materials as they play. Loose Parts Play is important for cognitive development and it helps develop critical skills necessary to what we call STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Education. In loose parts play, children will observe, enquire, investigate, construct and engage with others and the environment around them.

Conscious Discipline

Conscious Discipline was developed by Dr. Becky Bailey, an author and early  childhood educator. It is an emotional intelligence program where children learn to express their emotions, resolve problems with words, and work with others. One of the main messages of Conscious Discipline is that when people feel loved and valued, cooperation flourishes. We strive to put the Conscious Discipline principles in place to encourage children to problem-solving, cooperation and acceptance.

Staff Education

Our staff are dedicated and loving individuals who love learning and teaching. Our teachers complete at least 24 hours of annual continuing education in the early childhood field and have the opportunity to participate in major conferences and other high quality experiences.  In addition, all of our teachers are CPR and First Aid certified.

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