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Our Learning Goals

A lot happens between infancy and Kindergarten.  Here is a synopsis of our learning goals:

Motor Development

Starting in the infant room, we give tons of floor time, rather than putting babies in restraining equipment.  They are stretching, building their core strength and arm strength from the beginning.  As children start walking, they are given


opportunities to develop balance and then given intentional opportunities to develop the skills and body awareness to move through their space with confidence.


Our children go into Kindergarten with a lot of knowledge and, most importantly, the building blocks for further learning.  We do not make them memorize a lot of facts so that they can look smart in kindergarten, but rather we give them lots of opportunities to solve problems, so that they will know the feeling and the processes of perseverance and problem solving.  We won't always know the answers in life and learning, but we can always keep going until we figure it out.

Language Development

We talk with (not at) children at every age and we give them opportunities to answer open ended questions and communicate with others.  We concentrate on reciprocal language, rather than just naming objects and knowing facts. 


​A huge part of what we do is teaching children that they are capable human beings who do not need us to give them all the answers or do everything for them.  Whether it is hand-washing, cleaning up, being independent in the restroom or solving a conflict with another child, we want them to know that we are here to support them, but they can do it.

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